Painting in the rain

This week (and last),  Chris has been painting some 16 pane windows.  Typically last week,  when the work mostly consisted of taking apart, stripping and prepping the sashes and frames - the weather was mostly dry. 

 Cue this week where the next phase is the actual painting - and it's helpfully been tipping it down. Well we can't let the 'good old English summer' get in the way. (let's face it,  we would hardly be painting if we did!)

Luckily,  we can take the individual sash's out to do most of the painting,  so it gets done inside in the dry. We do need to keep an eye on the weather to get the windows back in and also to paint the frames,  a but a heavy shower in middle  a of the day won't slow us down! One my reasons that we take them apart to paint. 

Written by Sam, Renosash  


Sash Window Stroud, Gloucestershire

Sash Window Stroud, Gloucestershire