Possibly the most rewarding part of renovating your sash windows is when they are transformed into fully functioning, smooth operating machines.

Often sash windows become over painted, clogged up, draughty, and difficult to operate.

Servicing and draught proofing your sash windows will not only improve their functionality but also reduce draught, noise, and dirt ingress. 

Our Draught-Proofing and Servicing Package Includes:

- A draught-proofing service, including new staff and parting bead timber fitting with correct brush pile
- Replacement window fastener in required finish
- Finger lifts supplied and fitted in required finish
- Security Stops supplied and fitted (if required)
- Up to 10lb of lead add weight included in package to re balance the sashes  

An extract taken from Historic England's website: 

'About one fifth of a home's heating is lost through windows. Most of that escapes through air gaps rather than through the glass. Research has shown that air infiltration through a sash window in good condition can be reduced by as much as 86% by adding draught-proofing. And it has the added advantage of reducing noise and dust.'