Sash Window Painting

Here at Renosash we believe in offering the best possible service we can provide.  

Sash window painting and restoration work is where the true art of sash window renovation and restoration takes place. Often the most labour and time intensive part of the renovation and restoration process, but with the most rewarding end results.

Freshly painted and restored sash windows can be a prominent and beautiful feature of your home, and will help retain their character and heritage for many years to come.

We offer our painting service along side our draught-proofing and repair services. We can complete the painting work on site while the windows are dismantled. This allows a much more thorough pre-painting preparation and, in most cases, allows us to complete the work without the need for scaffolding.

Sash windows provide a complicated mix of substrates to consider during the painting process from different types of timber, putties, existing paint finishes, glazing, and different types of stone surrounds to take into consideration. We are active members of dedicated painting forums such as and which allows us to keep up to date with our research and development as the industry moves forward so we can continuously offer the best possible service. 

Since the 2010 VOC Emissions Directive paint manufacturers have been required to modify their paint systems to ensure they meet the current standards. As well as reformulating more traditional alkyd (oil based) paints, there has been huge advancements in the acrylic and hybrid paints. This has re-ignited the old 'water based vs oil based' debate. The truth is there is no simple answer, and different paint systems are better suited to different situations and substrates. With traditional period single glazed sash window we currently prefer more traditional style alkyd (oil based) paint systems as these offer better adhesion to the glass to seal the putty line. 

We work with a number of quality paint manufacturers to help provide you with your preferred colour and sheen level. Whether that be a gloss, satin, or eggshell finish from companies such as The Little Green Paint Company, Sandtex Exterior Paints, Zinsser, Tikkurila, and Benjamin Moore.

In our quest to constantly improve our product and services we have incorporated dustless sanding and dust extraction into our pre-painting preparation. Although sash window prep can still be a messy job dust extraction has helped reduce the amount of fine air borne dust particles in the preparation process, better for your home, better for the environment.

Although alkyd paint systems currently offer us the best solution for glass adhesion, we hope that as paint technology advances further we will be able to offer more eco-friendly paint systems in the future. We will remain in discussion with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we are providing the best solutions.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ These guys have done an amazing job on my listed property, professional, clean and tidy craftsmen. My windows look as good as new and now work as they should, I’m very pleased with the job they’ve done and would recommend them
— Kate Hughes - Google Review