Sash Window Repair

Sash Windows have stood the test of time and offer excellent functionality compared to more modern designs. We often find that over the years many sash windows have been neglected, patched up, or repaired inadequately.

At Renosash we believe in using the best quality materials to gain the best results.

Though it may seem as though your windows are beyond economic repair, we find that even in the most extreme cases, the cost of full sash window renovation and restoration is far more cost effective than replacing your windows for new. This is achieved while maintaining the original look and character of your period sash windows.

The areas most effected by the weather and rot are often the lower sections of each individual sash, and the lower half of the sash box and cill. 

Timber Replacement

We offer full hardwood cill replacements, removing lower parts of the sash box to gain access to the cill, re-fitting with hardwood cills and replacing any rotten box components with new hardwood sections. The cill and sash box is reassembled and jointed together with high quality epoxy resins. 

We also replace bottom and meeting rail section on the individual sashes themselves, matching the current profile of your sashes and jointing the new rails in with high quality epoxy resins and dowels.  Occasionally we find a sash requires replacement rather than repair; in these cases, the replacement sash will be made to match your existing profile and design.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Brilliant job repairing my old sash windows. Friendly, efficient and reliable. Highlŷ recommended.
— Catriona Reid - Google Review